Swim your way to a slimmer body

Want to lose weight, tone up and get fit? Swim yourself slimmer with these simple exercises – no gym required.

Tailoring your swimming session to help you lose weight can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. The good news? We’re here to help. To get the most out of your workout and speed up your weight loss, vary your training intensity, pace and stroke, and try mixing in our workout suggestions, below.

Tread Water

Treading water may look easy, but there’s a reason elite swim coaches incorporate it into their swimmers’ training – it’s tough! Offering a great cardiovascular workout, ‘vertical kicking’ also targets the muscles in your lower body, firing up your fat burning capacity while toning your legs. Head to the deep end of the pool and start kicking with your head above water, as if swimming upright, using your core muscles to stay stable.

Lunge along the bottom of the pool

Exercising in water offers natural resistance to your body, making it a great way to shape up problem areas such as your thighs and bum. To tone your lower body, try doing lunges across the shallow end of the pool. Go from one wall to the next in deep walking lunges, holding each lunge for about 5 seconds before stepping into the next.

Feel a bit self-conscious? Get a friend to join you and perform this exercise together.

Swim some laps

Simply want to swim? Swimming basic laps from one end of the pool to the other provides a thorough all-over body workout that easily rivals a trip to the gym. In fact, the average woman burns around 500 calories in one hour by swimming laps at a fast pace. And yes, that’s more calories than you’d burn running for the same period of time.

Unleash your competitive side

If you like a challenge, take your pool workout routine to the next level with a friendly race. Invite your friends or family to take part and see who wins over a set distance (try anything from two lengths to 20 lengths, depending on your level of swimming.) Remember to mix up your stroke to keep things interesting!

Invest in resistance training equipment

Want to work harder while you’re in the pool or tone up particular areas of your body? Check out our Speedo online store. Here you’ll find a full range of resistance training equipment, designed to help intensify your workout and make it more challenging – from power paddles to aqua belts.

Feeling inspired? Now get on, get in, and get going!

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