SAF AQUA Drums Vibes is a lot of fun! During this class, you may succumb to the sounds of rhythmical music, relieve your stress, unleash emotions, have fun not feeling how hard your muscles work. It is a combination of drum rhythms and completely new equipment. This is a completely new approach to water training! Lots of fun with a little unusual equipment that never been used in water.  A very important element is the technique. Every move has a start in the core. The basis is stabilization. Numerous exercises, positions, variations, make it a complete body workout. Water protects our joints and slows down movement. Most of the movement is done in isometric tension, so these movements are controlled. We pay a lot of attention to safety during training. We work with all muscle groups, including deep muscles, thanks to the turbulence of the water. We will take you to an amazing world of rhythm and energy hidden in water.

Let’s make a Revolution!

Play drums in the water!

Every move you make will gain effective workout and great fun simultaneously!