About Us


ZIVOT begin with the inspiration and spirit of enthusiast. It is a Czech word that means ‘Life’. Being a believer to showcase life skills to anyone we hope that we can reach to share experiences, relations, services that is beneficial to everyone. We will ‘Stay Driven’.

This leads to the formation of ‘ZIVOT WAY’ & Believe – Create – Succeed as our Tagline & Motto.



Zivot aims to be one of unique companies which focuses on customer solutions to all kinds of enhance methodology to offer cost effective to Consumers and Corporate and the masses in general. We will define the benchmark of quality through our best standards and practices.


A clear vision that needs to be articulated with clarity and purpose to motivate and provide the best possible training program and environment that will allow to reach individual development potential at the very highest level.


We pride ourselves on providing a unique lifestyle program that will create vibrancy on its own. We strive to develop a relationship based on a standard that build confidence and trust. Teaches using encouragement and praise, allowing students to progress at their own rate. All lessons are done in a safe, progressive and fun environment.



  • Teamwork Values
  • Water Safety and Education
  • Towards Healthy Lifestyle