About Us

ZIVOT begin with the inspiration and spirit of enthusiast. It is a Czech word that means ‘Life’. Being a believer to showcase life skills to anyone we hope that we can reach to share experiences, relations, services that is beneficial to everyone. We will ‘Stay Driven’. This leads to the formation of ‘ZIVOT WAY’ & Believe – Create – Succeed as our Tagline & Motto.

Our Program

SAF AQUA Drums Vibes is a lot of fun! During this class you may succumb to the sounds of rhythmical music, relieve your stress, unleash emotions, have fun not feeling how hard your muscles work.

Our Products

SAF AQUA® Drums Vibes is something more than specially designed equipment. This is a huge selection of exercises, positions and opportunities. SAF AQUA® Drums Vibes is a lot of energy and fun! Increase your capabilities! Try something new!

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